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Recent Customers
  • A national company that pays top cash prices for houses.
    Posted on 02.02.13

    We had our house on the market for over 6 months and couldn't get anyone serious enough to buy. QuickAndEasyHouseSales made us an offer the same day, and we had the cash in our bank in 7 days. A top service from a top company..

    Mr & Mrs D - Summerset

  • A safe and easy way to sell
    Posted on 01.07.13

    I don't know what I would have done without the help of Richard at QuickAndEasyHouseSales. I was behind 3 months on my mortgage, had no job and my life was going down the drain. Richard helped me get the sale I needed, and dealt with all my problems. He is some guy!

    Mr Z - Middlesbrough

  • A repossession stopped...
    Posted on 07.08.13

    QuickAndEasyHouseSales bought my house for cash, helped with my court hearings, and got me out of debt..

    Mr P - Scunthorpe

  • £23,200 more in cash!
    Posted on 30.08.13

    After shopping the internet thoroughly, I found QuickAndEasyHouseSales who offered me £23,200 more than the rest.

    Miss L - Liverpool

Find A Cash House Buyer Today!

Fast Cash For All UK Houses Today!

It has long been documented that selling your home and moving property is one of the most stressful times in life, second only to bereavement. Dealing direct with cash-house-buyers.co.uk makes this a simple, virtually stress free transaction.

There are many reasons why people are looking to sell their house or property quickly - visit www.topcashoffer.co.uk for more info. Going through the normal chain of Estate Agents, viewings, haggling on price, dealing with solicitors and fees can make it a hair pulling out experience, especially if you want the sale completed in as short of time as possible.

Cash-house buyers.co.uk can get you through the whole process within five working days, yes, that is correct five working days.

We are known to get the sale through within forty-eight hours, in some extreme cases, depending on how motivated the seller is.

This means that a bank transaction could be cleared into a bank or building society account of your choice within five working days. We work to a timescale to suit you, the norm being just less than a month, however if you do require the transaction to be processed within a week, or a day, we are only to happy to oblige.

We can sell your house quickly, because we are the actual buyers.

Sell your house fast and for cash!

The process is so very simple, and gets rid of a lot of hassle.

No real estate agents are involved, so no boards go up at the front of your house or in your garden and no agent fees or commissions for you to pay out. We have our own qualified surveyors, so you have no surveyor charges. We deal directly with the solicitors for you - you have no legal fees to cover.

We offer you a 'trade price', which is market value minus what you payout in Estate agent, surveyor and solicitor fees.

Agree the price with us, and your funds are transferred. Simple. We can even arrange for you to stay living in the house, so you don't even have to move. Just pay a rental fee.

You have the cash for your house, we don't care why you need it, and stay put.

For a FREE and confidential no obligation chat, call to us on 0800 077 6449 OR 0117 345 9887

Reasons to sell houses quickly

We have listed only a couple of reasons why people would like to sell fast. These are not exclusive reasons. Cash-house-buyers.co.uk: Ours is not to pry, we just buy

Sell you property because of bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is more common in the U.K. than you would believe. More and more people have to go through the process. It is possible even a late stage to rectify getting their judgement against you. Find out how cash-house-buyers.co.uk can help you sell property quickly due to bankruptcy here.

Sell house because or divorce or separation

Unfortunately, the divorce and separation rate in the U.K. is growing faster than actual marriage rates. A problem with this is the property. If you are eager to split, then don't be tied together because of your property. We can arrange a fast track sale for you, so you both can get on with rebuilding your lives. Read our policy on selling property because of divorce.

Quick property sale due to emigration

With the advent of the Internet, more and more people can work from anywhere in the world. Even if you don't work via the Internet, people are still emigrating from England, whether it be job related or even retirement. We can help if you need to sell house quick because of emigration here.

Selling home due to ill health

It is sad, but long term and terminal illness is on the increase in the U.K. Whether it be cancer related, a heart condition or related just to an unhealthy lifestyle, it is a common factor in this fast paced, through away society we live in. It could be burden off your mind if you knew that your finances where sorted. Read how we can take away another thing to worry and benefits of on selling house quickly because of bad health with our rent back option here.

Selling a house due to inheritance and tax

You may have just inherited a house which is being more of a burden than an asset. Cash-house-buyers.co.uk will offer you a good price and a quick deal to get rid of the burden. You may be thinking about leaving your property to your children but are worried about inheritance tax. Read about selling houses due to inheritance here.

Quick sale for landlords

The problem with being a landlord is that when you want to sell a property that has got sitting tenants, you have to let the tenant serve out his agreement or sell on with live in tenants. Our objective is to rent out when we buy property, helping you with your tenanted property quick sale.


Quick property sale due to redundancy

Nowadays there are no more jobs for life. Statistically, a job is only secure for three years. An unwanted side effect of this modern trend is people being made redundant. Redundancy does affect finances and can alter your future drastically. Learn how cash-house-buyers.co.uk can make your future look brighter with a quick property sale due to redundancy here.

Quick home sale due to relocation

There are many reasons people need to relocate. Getting a new job is just one. If the new employment starts sooner rather than later, learn how we can help your quick home sale because of relocation fit in with your plans here.

Quick house sale due to repossession

With mounting debts from store cards, credit cards, personal and car loans, repossession is a threat over modern day life on a daily basis up and the country. A quick house sale due to repossession can stop this and you do not even have to move out of your home. Learn more here.

Fast property sale due to retirement

Retirement is supposed to be the time when we get the chance to kick back and relax after a lifetime of hard work. Not everybody has planned for this stage in life though. Learn how you can stay in your property and have a fast property sale in retirement to enrich your bank balance and quality of life.

Sell And Rent Back

For what ever reason you are looking at selling your home quickly, you may not always want to leave. Unfortunately we can't offer you a sale and rent back, but we have a solution similar to sell house and rent back that may be of interest here.

Fast house sale due to unemployment

In the U.K. employment has moved away in recent years from industry based jobs to a customer service based employment base. Jobs in this industry come and go. If you have recently been made unemployed, learn how a fast house sale due to unemployment can ease financial worries. You can also rent your property back.

Contact us on 0800 077 6449, email us or fill out our online application for a quick house sale today. We won't just sell your house, we will buy it!